Impedance Matching System

Automatic Impedance Matching System (ECO-Tuner)

ECO Tuner
Fully automatic and computerized three stub tuning system.Integrated the hot measuring system( Impedance analyzer) with an automatic
 three stub tuning system. Accurate and fast automatic matching of steady o  varying loads. Autonomous or PC controlled operation.
RS232 and CAN-bus interface to external controller. Windows control, visualisation and data logging software, available optionally.

During the tuning procedures, full operating power monitoring of reflection, frequency and power, all in compact design.
Fully equipped for all types of power supplies, like LC, DC/low ripple or high ripple  power supplies and pulsed systems.
Response time, from approx: 1 second to full 6 seconds, for full move for all stubs from minimum to maximum position,
all depending to the, to the level of mismatch. Waveguide systems from R32 to full R9.
Frequencies, from 2,45GHz to 915MHz, alternatively: 896MHz and 922MHz.
Can be easily integrated into an existing computer control and or monitor system.
A VSWR within VSWR:<= 10, can be controlled to matched load conditions.
A VSWR of the value of approx:30 can be controlled down to VSWR.5.


1) Actual maximum operating power is fixed according to customer’s demand not to
exceed 30 kW. Actual minimum operating power is then 20 dB less or 1 W,
whichever is greater.
2) Generally, the match is improved for loads outside of the tuning range (e.g.
VSWR=30 drops below 5).