“HOT” measuring system

Vector coefficient measuring system.  Mounted on a waveguide.
All required waveguides are available. Available for all power levels and all frequencies. The “HOT” measurement system is a vector measuring system, which will be connected between the isolator and the application. It will supply all required information on the microwave parameters, required to understand the load-matching or impedance figures of the typical application.
This system can be extended with an automatic tuning system. This to add an tuning-system, which will not have to test if the tuning is ok, but due to the internal calculations by the microprocessor programming, the tuner isprogrammed to set exactly the max. load-matching, so tuning always is  optimal.

Measures All Important Quantities…
      …and More
Full-Power On-Line Measurement
High Accuracy, High Dynamic Range
Compact Design
Intelligence Inside
RS-232 Interface to External Controller
Windows Control, Visualisation and Data Logging Software
Drives Autotuning System

Primarily measured quantities:
Reflection coefficient (magnitude and phase)
Incident power
Internal temperature for accuracy enhancement
Measurement under full-power operating conditions
20 dB dynamic range of working power
WR340, WR430, WR284, WR975 waveguide interface for the 2.45GHz and the
915Mhz ISM band contains single board computer for fast data acquisition and
processing. Integrates easily into existing computer-based instrumentation and
monitoring systems. In conjunction with the Three Stub Tuner, enables automatic
impedance matching of time varying loads.

Microsoft Windows® environment
Display formats:
Magnitude and phase of reflection coefficient
Return loss, VSWR
Incident, reflected  and absorbed powers (in watts or dB)
Polar diagram, Smith chart, Rieke diagram
Simultaneous display in various formats as well as numerically
Unlimited data logging of all quantities of interest
Extensive on-line help


1) Actual maximum operating power is fixed according to customer’s demand not to
exceed 30 kW. Actual minimum operating power is then 20 dB less or 1 W,
whichever is greater.

Das Hot Measurement System ist auch für 896, 915, 922MHz / R9-Hohlleiter