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IBF Electronic has the target to speed up the development and the application of the industrial microwave (915MHz, 2450MHz and 5,8GHZ). They establish an extensive program of power supplies, generators and hollow conductor components for the areas of the microwave heating and the plasma application on us. Our development and the production are settled centrally near to Frankfurt. We have a more than 25 years of experience in the development, in designing and in the integration of microwaves components, devices and system.
Beside our standard program of industrial microwaves system and generators of 150 W to 100 kW, we are able to offer on your request numerous variations of these assemblies, e.g., as a compact device or for the installation in switch cupboards. Our generators are available with all industrial bus-interfaces commenly used in the automation. Actually we also manufacture microwaves components, as for example hollow conductor crossing, coppling, flanges, tuners for manual operation and engine enterprise, low-cost circulators, slit antenna, microwave detectors etc., which you can get from us if required. Of course we also supply the magnetrons and electron valves urgently required by you. All components of our system and generators are also available as individual parts and kits.
Customers from the industry, research institutes and universities always take us as a competent contact partner. We give you consultations on questions of the microwaves process engineering, the safety engineering as well as the device design. On request we also develop and manufacture special microwaves components exclusively for you.

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